Buffalo's Historic Grain Elevators

Monuments. Eyesores. History. Tear 'em down. Preserve at all costs.

No matter where one stands on the towering presence of Buffalo's grain elevators, there's no question they're as much a symbol of the Queen City as snow and the Buffalo Bills.

While there are some who want them torn down to pave way for commercial development or green space, the silos are a constant rallying point for preservationists and in recent years the area has been rehabbed by developers who have opened trendy bars, coffee shops and recreational facilities.

Personally, I love the area. I come from a family of grain shovelers who worked in the silos. I love their gritty existence and the juxtaposition they pose to Buffalo's industrial past and its present renewal. To see more photos of what one University of Buffalo researcher dubbed Buffalo's 'Concrete Atlantis,' go the 'Gallery' section of this site.

Thank you.

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