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Lexington Murals

Updated: Feb 2

Kentucky is a pretty interesting state — the stereotype northerners have of it notwithstanding. The best punk bar I have ever been in was in Louisville, KY. of all places. Meanwhile, Lexington has this weird combination of affluence, gorgeous pastural Thoroughbred farms, and a downtown that carries a hipster vibe. I was in Lexington not too long ago to write a story (HERE) on the Thoroughbred world and a friend brought me to the city to see the murals. Though I'm a huge art nerd, I'm typically not interested in shooting murals. There's no real challenge to it. The art is already there. But the murals in downtown Lexington — which are all over the place — are astounding.

Make sure to use the expand button in the top right corner or the main slide to see the entire frame of each shot.

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